Basement Bar Ideas in Calgary!

Whether you are a party animal or just like to entertain friends, having a full service bar in the basement sure makes hosting easier and more enjoyable!  Instead of constantly running upstairs for hors d'oeuvres and drinks you can have everything at your fingertips. 

     That means you can have a small toaster oven or microwave to serve the hot foods, a small fridge will keep the drinks cold and a small sink with running water will keep everything clean and fresh. 

     All of this sounds like it would be great to have but when you actually get down to planning the install it can get a little complicated. Get your contractors ideas on the options you have for running the water, drains, electrical, and coordinating it with the right flooring options.

Have The Right Setup For Your TV

In a basement bar setup you may want to set up the TV in a place where people can watch it whether they are standing or sitting. Adjustable swing wall mounting brackets can make it more versatile. A big screen TV is a great idea, or, maybe an even larger projection screen Cinema system...

If you decide on a projection screen system plan on having a good ventilation system.  Also consider dedicating a whole wall to it in an adjacent room where the entrance can be folded out when you have a larger gathering.  This way one TV can double as a home theatre, with appropriate seating, as well as a party room with a decked out bar. 

Your basement bar / party room will need some music.  There are many ways to wire a room for surround sound.  The wiring and wall mounted speaker system can be coordinated so both the TV and stereo system run off the same network.  This makes it easier to coordinate the two if necessary. 

Plan For The Seating

Make sure the floor plan for your basement bar takes into account seating.  The type of seating you choose depends on what type of entertaining you do.  If your parties involve a lot of standing, then you can place bar stools in strategic places.  However, since barstools aren't comfortable to sit in for long periods you may also want to incorporate a sofa and some chairs as well.


Don't forget to plan for storage.  You will need a place to store the mugs, glasses, saucers, bowls and other dishes you use for entertaining.  You might also want to have a small blender, coffee maker or espresso machine.  All of these need a space allocated so everything is available when you need it but tucked out of the way when you don't.

Coordinate With The Master Plan

All these things should be discussed with your contractor so he/she can put it in the Project Plan.  There are various rules and regulations that need to be kept in mind as well.  You can have the initial ideas, but discuss them with your Project Planning Partner before you go shopping for everything and finalize things.


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