Putting Together Basement Bathroom Plans in Calgary!

Basement bathroom plans may seem complex but they don’t have to be.  A lot of people get started on a basement bathroom without making proper plans.  Without proper plans you may have trouble getting the room put together according to building codes and many of the fixtures may not be installed properly. 

Are you thinking of putting in a full basement bathroom or a half-bath?  This will make a big difference in how much space you need to set aside and how you finish the room. If there is a bedroom in the basement a three or four piece bath is nice. If there is no basement bedroom a two piece could work just fine.

Many basements are cool so you may think about having extra heating in that area.  No one likes to bathe in a chilly room.

Having the right location for your toilet is another consideration.  Since the floor in your basement is made out of cement, it can add cost if you have to break open the floor to move existing plumbing or add additional rough-in plumbing below the concrete.  At times you may find the basement floor is below the sewer lines under your home. You could then install an above-floor plumbing system with a macerator and pump the waste to the proper height.

Doing bathroom plumbing correctly takes a fair amount of experience, skill, care and knowledge. It's even trickier below the level of the drains, which many basements are. Work closely with your contractor / Project Planning Partner on this one. There are a lot of technicalities that need to be fulfilled in order to meet building code requirements as well as the practicalities of your needs, such as ventilation. 

Think about the size of the fixtures and the amount of space you’ll need to move around in the basement bathroom.  Don’t be shy about snapping chalk lines or laying out masking tape and newspapers to get a visual of whether or not you will have enough space. 

Lighting and mirrors will make the basement bathroom feel bigger and eliminate the cave-like feeling that you can find in some basements.  You want your basement bathroom to be inviting and pleasant.  Think about having several lights above the mirror and / or a ceiling light also. 

The overall decor of the basement bathroom will also improve the feeling you get in the room.  Things like paint colour, flooring and other finishing features can make a real difference in how satisfied you are with the finished product.

As our population ages we should also consider wheel chair accessibility, barrier free showers, grab bars, and many other items that could make the bathroom much friendlier to seniors or persons with disabilities!

By spending a little time in planning and researching your options you will have no trouble coming in with a workable budget.  Your basement bathroom can be a functional and pleasant place to be.  A basement bathroom is a very useful thing to have in the house and adds to the resale value as well.

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