Basement - Bedrooms in Calgary!

A Basement Bedroom Isn’t As Simple As It Looks!

So you’re thinking of adding a basement bedroom?  There's more to it than you may think.  Here’s a checklist of many of the things you need to consider.  I’ll bet there are one or two things on this list you never thought of: 

 1.   Start with the purpose of the basement bedroom.  Who is going to be using it?  How often will they use it, if it’s going to be a guest bedroom? 

2.   Are there any physical considerations for the person who is going to use the room like age, disability, amount of care needed?

3.   How big of a room do you need?

4.   How many rooms will you need?

5.   Do you need an attached bathroom?  Or, will it be better to have a separate bathroom for the basement?  Or both?

6.   What kind of storage requirements are there for the person who will be using it?

7.   Are there any special requirements for the storage area?

8.   What will you need for furniture in the basement bedroom?  How big will the furniture be?

9.   What type of flooring will you need?  Carpet?  Hardwood?  Heated flooring?  Tiles?

10.  What type of lighting will you need?  One overhead light?  Track lighting?  Spot lighting? Just vanity light?

11.  Are you planning on putting a sound system in there?  Will you need sound-proofed ceiling and / or walls?

12.  How many electrical outlets will you need?  Will the people using the room have any special needs for extra electrical outlets? 

13.  Is there an egress window in the room or door with direct access to the outside?  (you need egress in case of emergency).

14.  Is the basement generally humid?  Will you need dehumidification systems for the basement bedroom?

15.  Is the basement generally cold in the winter time?  Auxiliary heat may be needed.

16.  How is the ventilation?  Your basements may not have a good supply of fresh air coming in.  This can cause health problems

17.  What about colours?  Do you want to harmonize the colours with the rest of the house?  What about the needs of the person who will be using the room?  Do they have any preferences?

18.  Will the room have pictures hanging on the wall, or a ceiling fan?  If so, you may need additional support within the walls or ceiling.

19.  Will you need a special communication system in the basement bedroom connected to the rest of the house?

20.  Will you require internet connection, phone line, for a study area, cable connection for a private TV?

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