Basement Development in Calgary!

A finished basement not only adds considerably to the value of your home, it offers you and your family a whole new comfortable space to spread out in. Whether you choose to transform your basement into a home office or a family room, Blue Knight Development Ltd can help you create your vision of perfect.

No matter what problems your basement presents, we can transform it into an enjoyable space for you and your family. We have years of experience in basement development and know our way around residential renovations. We know how to skillfully work our way around obstructions that cannot be easily moved and still create a room (or rooms) that you will enjoy for many many years to come.

Basement development can be very simple, or, it can be a more involved and complex. Some basements are already partially developed, and only need to be refined to be usable. Others present a bigger challenge, needing structural repairs and other major components before the finishing touches are applied. Whatever your situation, Blue Knight Developments Ltd will be happy to help you with your basement development project.

No home building project or budget is too big or too small. We treat every basement development project with the same level of care and attention, and always strive to provide the very best construction services. Our team offers some of the best workmanship, and we pride ourselves in treating each and every one of our customers with respect and professionalism. When you ask Blue Knight Developments Ltd to help with your basement development project, you can expect us to keep you informed every step of the way, and be available to answer your questions whenever they arise.

If you are located in the greater Calgary, Alberta area and are interested in our basement development services, please contact us without delay. We will be happy to offer more information, answer your questions and even visit you on location for a free consultation.

Blue Knight Developments
Makes Basement Finishing Easy!

How To Remodel Your Basement In 5 Easy Steps!

A basement finishing project requires a lot of planning. There are many ways to go wrong in any kind of project, but basement finishing presents some special challenges. The following steps will help you:

You Can Have A Beautiful Basement!

Keep that thought in mind as you go through this process. It will give you a good vision to aim for and keep you going when you are in the thick of the basement refinishing project. Here are the steps you need to follow to make it all go as smoothly as possible:


Your job is to have a vision. Blue Knight Development's job is to manage all the details and make your vision come true.

Start by looking at pictures in magazines, visiting basements in show homes and talking to your friends who have done this before.

Save all the pictures in a scrapbook or folder. Based on your ideas, Blue Knight will be able to more accurately estimate cost and discuss further materials and finishes that fit your vision.

Plan / Organize

What budget would you like to stay within? We understand, you do not know what construction costs are. But you do know what is affordable for you. We can help you get the most value within your budget.

How soon does the project need to be completed? Is company coming soon? Would that extra basement bedroom and/or bathroom be so welcome! Or are we planning now for next winter, time is not an immediate concern, but the new entertainment center will need a home.

Spend an hour with an experienced project manager from Blue Knight Developments to discuss your preliminary ideas.

Planning is the key. Since we have been managing basement refinishing projects for many years, we've seen a lot of mistakes people could have made if they hadn't talked to us.

We are here to help eliminate mistakes and make your project go smoothly.

We can take your dream and produce preliminary plans that will help show where minor adjustments can make that dream exactly what you want, without costly errors.

Review the preliminary plans provided by your Project Planning

Shopping is a lot of fun when you have a clear idea of what you want and know what will work in your home.

Your Project Planning Partner will arrange appointments for you with suppliers that have the most up to date products and ideas, so you may confirm each selection on your allowance sheet. "The right light fixture", "The right bath faucet", "The right carpet colour"!

Review the results of your shopping trip with your Project Planning Partner, and give your Project Planning Partner the go-ahead to make you a beautiful basement!

Congratulations! If You Have Completed The Above Steps You Will Have A Beautiful Basement Very Soon!

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