Games Room Basement in Calgary!

Creating The Perfect Games Room In Your Basement


     The Perfect games room is the “most enjoyable” room you can think of for the types of things you like to do!

And Perfect doesn't mean expensive either.  You can have a great place to hang out and do the things you like to do with your friends and family in the best environment's what The Perfect games room means to you, that's what is important.


     Start with making a list of all the games or activities you would like to do in your games room.  This will help you make a floor plan so you can designate where all the games will be played (many games require a specific amount of space). 

Creating a fun games room means the room has to "feel" like it would be fun to be there.  Making it feel like fun means you need to pay attention to how the room is decorated. 

Wall Colours

Wall colours set the theme for how the room is going to feel.  Consider the idea of having a feature wall (one or two walls) a different colour scheme with the rest of the room painted in a complimentary colour. 

Your colour scheme on the feature wall can be from your favorite sports team or colours that belong to your club or activity.  Any colour that reminds you of a fun time or puts you in a good mood is the colour you should have in your games room.  You can also hang logo’s, posters or framed pictures of your favorite activity to extend the feel.


Think about how you are going to use the room.  Do you need a hard surface to play your game or would you prefer to sit on a carpeted floor?  Will you be putting special chairs or equipment in the room?  Will the floor be used for cutting, polishing, pounding or other activities that need to be taken into account? 

Ask your "Project Planning Partner" for advice based on your criteria.

Think of how you can highlight and accent the room with floor colours that bring out the wall colours you are using for your theme.


If you are creating a theme, then your furniture must match.  For example, a Hawaiian theme might have a "beach pub" type of feel (if that is your idea of a good time).  You can choose tables, chairs and accessories accordingly... Remember to have fun with it.  If you are having a lot of fun planning and decorating your room it will end up "feeling fun" when you are finally done.


Again, if you are working on a particular theme, your lighting should play on that idea.  For example, if you are using a sports theme, try to find pub lamps, swag lights and floor lamps that have your team's logo on it.  Or, maybe you want to have an Asian theme... then you would want to find some bamboo lamps and hanging lanterns to accent the room.

Remember, all your lighting does not have to be wall or ceiling mounted, and basement ceiling pot lights are not always the best choice.

Remember to discuss your creative lighting needs with your "Project Planning Partner" (the contractor who is going to put all the pieces of your project plan together).


"Ya gotta have music!" if you want the Perfect games room.  Think about having an old fashioned Juke Box that's loaded up with a 400 CD changer and hook it up to a full surround sound stereo system.  Be sure to hide the stereo and CD somewhere so it looks like the Juke Box is producing the excellent sound.


Another thing "ya just gotta have!" (maybe) is a big screen TV mounted on the wall with full surround sound and theatre seats(?) 

Be sure to plan out your electronic wiring and access systems with your contractor (Project Planning Partner).  This is a good place to either save a lot of money or waste it. 


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