Basement Home Theatre Design in Calgary!

For many, home theatre design is the exciting part of a basement refinishing project. A well thought out home theatre will provide endless enjoyment for the whole family.

Location Location Location...

The location of you home theatre determines everything.  Your answer to this question will determine how you go about designing your home theatre. 

The main thing to figure out is whether you will have a totally separate room or will the space be used for another purpose as well--such as a family room, kids play room or basement bar. 

If you have a separate room for the home theatre you will have more control over the sound.  The point of the home theatre is to recreate the cinematic theatre experience in the home with surround sound.  A closed-in space with a limited number of objects for the sound to bounce off is desirable.

A large screen TV or projection TV is best viewed in special theatre room lighting.  If you are going to have other activities in the room, maybe the home theatre lighting won't be appropriate, multi-lighting for different activities would be better. 

In a dedicated home theater setting you may want to have special acoustic paneling, colour scheme and special furniture to hold the electronic equipment.

Of course, no home theatre is complete without home theatre seating for comfort.

The type of audio video equipment you buy is determined by, among other things, the size of the room.  It also determines the wiring plan and floor plan in a basement remodeling project.

Ventilation is another aspect of home theater design that varies with the location.  You want your home theatre to be a comfortable place to be as well as good looking.  A proper ventilation system will keep it from getting stuffy.

Positioning of speakers determines the whole surround sound experience.  Once you get all the kinks ironed out you and your family will have a memorable home theatre experience with every movie you watch. 


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