Basement Ideas in Calgary!

Need Some Interesting

Basement Ideas?

The first step in planning your basement is to brainstorm for interesting basement ideas. You need to throw out traditional concepts of what a basement is.

A basement is no longer limited to being a couple of spare rooms or an empty area to send the kids so they can be kids without bothering anyone. And it's certainly not a dark storage area to toss your extras!

Start thinking of your basement as a place your whole family can enjoy and constantly visit.  It can be a beautiful living space that is just as inviting as the upstairs living areas.

Once you have this concept in your mind you will be more open to thinking of all the things you would do if you had a lot more space in your overall house. With the right basement ideas you can have as much functionality and pleasure from the basement as you can anywhere else in your house.

Games Room With Bar

This is a popular choice for the young and young at heart.  You can create a warm, friendly place to hang out with the guys or entertain the ladies.   If you want, you can even create a sports bar of your dreams, if you are a sports fan. Space permitting, maybe even that pool table you have always wanted!

Home Theatre

If you and your family love movies this is the basement idea for you!  You can create a cozy basement home theatre with an extensive sound system and wall sized TV.  The area can also be sound-proofed so you can crank up the sound and the people in the rest of the house can have their peace and quiet.

Extra Bedroom Or Guest Room With Bathroom

If you are uncomfortable with your guests sleeping on the couch or extra mattress on the floor, you can design an inviting, comfortable area to make everyone feel at home.  You can also have a 2, 3 or 4 piece bathroom there as well.  This is perfect if you often have family or friends staying over at your place.

Workshop Or Arts And Crafts Room

If the handyman inside you is calling out for a place to get some work done this is the basement idea for you.  Is your garage inappropriate for a proper hobby area? Then why not use your basement?  If you want, you can even add an arts and crafts area.  It can become the perfect place for the whole family to do their projects. 

Home Office

Maybe you have a home business or like to bring your work home.  This basement idea can make your work easier and keep you better organized. 

Home Gym Or Workout Room

If you don't have time to go to the gym everyday then why not bring the gym home?  You can have a well ventilated, fully equipped home gym in your basement.  Why not?  It will save you the driving time and eliminate all your excuses for not having a regular workout schedule!

Study Area

This basement idea will allow your kids to get more studying done because you've provided a distraction-free area fully organized to do homework and school projects.  Just imagine...your kids will look forward to getting homework, and you won't have to chase after them to do it... (o.k.  maybe it's not real but you can imagine, can't you?)

Children's Playroom Or Activity Area

Do you have small children who need some space to relieve their pent up energy?  You can create a place for the kids to spread out their toys and get fully involved in enjoying their childhood.

Second Living Room Or Family Room

Maybe you need an extra space to just chill-out with your family and friends.  The living room may be too small or formal so you need a comfortable place to relax with the family, watch some TV or just curl up and read a book by that new fireplace.

Sound Proofed Music Room

If music is your passion this may be the basement idea for you.  You can set up a mirrored globe and special lighting with smoke blowing into the room with state of the art surround sound... (what?  You're not a child of the seventies?  Ok. maybe you can take out the smoke...)  You get the idea.  This is your chance to create the best symphonic sound system and a room that allows you to appreciate all the highs and lows.


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