Mother-In-Law Suite Or Adult Child Suite in Calgary!
(Not A Rental Suite)

A finished basement not only adds considerably to the value of your home, it offers you and your family a whole new comfortable space to spread out in. Whether you choose to transform your basement into a home office or a family room, Blue Knight Development Ltd can help you create your vision of perfect.

More and more families are deciding to live together.  It is no longer unusual to find two or three generations of a family sharing a house.  Traditionally, an extra living space within a home is called a mother-in-law suite, but more and more the same space is being used for adult children as well.


In-home caring for aging parents is on the rise.  People are finding that it is better for the parents, the children and the grand children.  With the grand parents living with them, the parents of the children have more freedom to come and go as they please.  They are no longer dependent on the availability of babysitters.  It is better for the children because they always have someone at home to look after their needs.  From the grand parent’s point of view, they have someone to look after them, if their health is failing and they also have someone to talk to.  More and more studies are showing that being around caring family is the best medicine for a number of ailments people face in old age.


On the other hand, there can be privacy issues, noise issues and accessibility issues.  Do you always want your parents around?  Do your parents always want you and your children around?  How do the children feel about always having adults around?


Older people often become sensitive to noise and commotion.  They like peace and quiet.  Younger people like to be active and turn up the music.  Older people have their own ways of doing things.  Their children may not want to comply.  Each needs their own “away time” in order to have a harmonious relationship when they do see each other.


How accessible do you want your parents to be when you need them?  How accessible do they need you to be for health reasons?  Will your parents know when your little ones need attention or care? 


The location of the mother-in-law suite is paramount.  Many of the negative factors and the desirable ones can be handled by having the suite in the right part of the house. 


If you need your parents or if the need of your parents is to be near the family, then you may want to have the mother-in-law suite on the same floor as the rest of the bedrooms. 


If there is a need for more space so you can each have your privacy, then it may be better to create a whole suite in the basement.


Consider sound-proofed walls / ceiling for the mother-in-law suite.  This way they can be comfortable while the rest of the family makes as much noise as they want. 


What about bathrooms?  Do the older people need special equipment or space in the washroom?  Are they able to share the bathroom with the rest of the family or does a health problem impose limitations?


Similarly, think about the need for electrical outlets and lighting.   Are there any special needs? 


Whether you use the space as a mother-in-law suite or just an extra living area that your adult children can use while they are paying off their college loans and getting on their feet financially, you have to think about the same considerations for both. 



          This page does not refer to a Rental Suite. Zoning regulation and building/safety codes differ for a legal Rental Suite. Example = The mother-in-law suite can not include a cooking appliance.

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