Basement - Multi Purpose Area in Calgary!

Multi-Purpose Area Planning

Using the basement as a multi-purpose area is the most popular basement remodeling project. 

Most basements are an open space where families troop down to do most of their playing.  It's a place where the kids can have their friends over, the parents might have a party and family game night is usually held in the basement. 

An open basement concept is a great way to integrate a home theatre setup with a basement bar, an area for the kids to play with their toys as well as an exercise area.

The home theatre is a good thing to have as a focal point with theatre seating right in front of the big screen at one end and the rest of the activities lined up around the room surrounding it. 

Having a basement bar along the wall facing the big screen, you will try to place it so you have access to the plumbing and electrical services needed to make the bar functional.  When you are having a party people often like to sit at the bar watching sports event and chatting.

The children's play area and family room can be somewhere between the bar and the home theatre.  This setting allows people to relax and watch the show or socialize with the people at the bar.

An exercise area across from the play area/family room gives the person exercising a good view of the big screen and is away from people who could interfere with your workout.  Many people like to watch a show or exercise video while working out.

The idea in a multi-purpose basement remodeling situation is that you want to make a little alcove for each of the activities you want to integrate.  Some uses naturally go along with other uses, so you keep them together.  Other ways of using the space require some level of seclusion, so you plan to put them at a distance from the rest.

If you find that one or more of the activities you like to do require more privacy, maybe it would be better to build the walls around that activity and reduce the number of things you will do in the multi-purpose area.

Whatever you do, take time to think things through and lay out the area in consultation with your contractor / Project Planning Partner.  It's a good strategy to discuss your plans with you Partner, who has done this many times before.  You'll save money, time and you'll get more enjoyment from your basement if you do it this way.  

For details on what construction issues you need to consider, just click on the menu on the right for whichever room you want to integrate into your multi-purpose basement area.

Remember, the size of your basement will influence how many different areas can be accommodated.


If the budget will not allow the “Bar” or “Fireplace” or “Extra Bathroom” you have on your wish list, still plan for it. By doing the required rough in’s of plumbing, electrical or gas at this time it will be easy to add that great bar, cozy fireplace or super bathroom next year when the budget permits. You will have the use of your developed basement and not be penalized, opening walls, floors or ceilings to install those wish list items later.


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