Basement Office in Calgary!

Get More Done In Your
Basement Office

     A basement office is about convenience.  Whether you have a business that you run from home or like to bring office work home, a properly planned basement office can make a real difference in your life.  Imagine actually looking forward to going to work...

Why Do You Need A Basement Office?

In order to answer this question for yourself, make a list of all the things you need to do in your writing.  (I know you know your job.  It's just easier to get a birds-eye-view of your project if you make a list of everything that your new room needs to deliver). 

Once you have your list of how you plan on using the basement office space, think of all the things you will need in order to do your work.  For example:

Map Out Your Space

Based on the type of things you plan on doing in your basement office, figure out how much space you will need.  Measure it out and put down masking tape and newspapers so you can get a feel for how big the completed space will be.

What is your working "style"?

Some people will like to have all their paperwork close to them so they can access it quickly and easily.  Others will like to have everything put away, out of sight so they can concentrate.

Same thing goes for equipment.  Do you want it close by or do you want it out of sight, out of mind?  What equipment do you use on a regular basis and what do you use occasionally? 

Do you like to sit up at a formal desk in a supportive, ergonomic chair or do you like be more casual in a relaxing one?

Think of all the conveniences you like to work with and figure out where you want them in your basement office.  Mark the places where each item will go, in the area you have mapped out for the office.

What Are Your Lighting Requirements?

Do you need special lighting for the work you do?  If so, where would you like to put them?  In many cases a single source of light on the ceiling will be enough.  Or, maybe you would like a small desk lamp, in addition to the overhead light.

How do the windows integrate into your lighting requirements?


If you are going to have a chair with wheels, next to your desk, you may want a hardwood floor so it can roll easily.  On the other hand, if you prefer carpeted flooring you can put a hard plastic sheet in the area where you need the chair to roll freely.

Also think about whether the room needs extra heat.  Basements can be cool at different times of the year, so in-floor heating or a small baseboard heater for auxiliary heat can be a real benefit.

The Most Important Part

While it is important to think through all the points above, you would be wise to discuss your ideas with your contractor / Project Planning Partner before you get too far into your plans.  There may be limitations or opportunities that you may be facing because of the way your basement is constructed or laid out. 

Your Project Planning Partner has built a basement office for many people over the years.  He / she will be a good person to bounce off ideas and get details on how you can have the ideal basement office for your needs.


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