Basement Project Planning Pitfalls !

Project planning is the difference between making money or losing money, comfort and satisfaction from your basement refinishing project.


Basement remodeling can be one of the surest ways to increase the value of your house... if you do it right. If you do it wrong, not only could you reduce the value of your home, but you could end up spending a lot of extra money on re-do’s and repairs.


There are so many ‘technical’ factors in every aspect of a basement development that it is impossible for a layman to not make mistakes. Basement project planning is best done by a professional with your input.


You can do a lot of the pre-planning but when it comes time to actually getting the job done you are cheating yourself if you don’t hire a professional basement development contractor. 

How To Choose 

The Right Project Planning Partner

For Your Basement


You need someone to control the job and watch the quality of workmanship.  Workers need to keep time lines so the project can be completed on schedule.  Someone needs to deal with the suppliers, trades people, materials, permits, drawings and inspections. As well, they need to be able to interact well with you and your family. 


Any project will have problems.  You need someone who knows right from wrong to handle the problems make decisions on the spot and keep the project on track.      


Here are some guidelines that will help you find someone to work with who understands what you want to accomplish and knows what he/she is doing:


  1. How long has your contractor been in the business?  What hands on experience does his staff members have that control your job? How many basements has he/she done?  
  2. Can they provide references and testimonials from satisfied customers?  
  3. Are they licensed and bonded? Will they hire only licensed trades people with WCB?  
  4. Will they provide a detailed, written quote?  
  5. Will they provide a cost plan in advance?   
  6. Will they provide you a detailed schedule of events in the project?  
  7. Do they provided a start and completion date?  

If you search for basement designers, there are some important factors you should take into consideration.

Check these before signing up with any partner:

1. Years of expertise in basement development

2. Reference works chosen by you from the same kind of work, or more detailed work.

3. Existing current contractors licence for the City of Calgary and the Province of Alberta.

4. Liability Insurance, minimum of 2 million.

5. Current, in effect, WCB number. 

5. Price level when comparing apples to apples, including experience of the site crews and quality of materials used.

6. Planning and implementation of resources for finishing your basement.

7. Do they provide a cost plan with allowances.

8. When you change materials or scope of work, do they supply written “Change Orders” showing price changes.


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