Basement Storage Room in Calgary!

The Ideal Basement Storage Room


The ideal basement storage room is meant to help organize the whole house.  There are many things in our lives that are important to us but we don’t use them very often.  If these items are kept in the main living area it clutters up the whole house.  It’s better to just put away things until you need them. 


With this in mind, your basement storage room may need to accommodate large objects like a bicycle as well as small ones like gardening tools.  You also need to set aside a place for memories and archives for important records.  A basement storage area should have space that can be used for boxes and suitcases.  You might also want to make a space for food supplies or cleaning products that you don’t use every day.


The most important thing you can do for a basement storage room is to make a plan.  Think about all the things you could put in storage then do some rough sketches.  Remember, it’s one thing to put something away and it’s quite another to be able to find it again when you need it.  You’ll need shelving and cupboards of different sizes, shapes and features so everything can be stored according to the amount of space it occupies.


There are many different shelving and storage systems that you can buy.  Your Project Planning Partner / contractor will have some good ideas for you once you know what kind of things you will be storing.


Once you have a plan for how you are going to organize your things in the basement storage room, you have to leave the door open to changing your mind.  What if your needs change?  What if you decide to buy something that takes up a lot of room and you have to move everything around to make it fit?  Whatever shelving / storage system you design, it should be flexible so you can change how things are stored in the future, if needed.


After you have a rough sketch of the dimensions of the room and the kinds of things you will be storing, you need to plan the electrical and lighting needs of the room.  Will you need extra electrical outlets?  How about heating, cooling and humidifying or dehumidifying systems?   How many shelves will you have?  Will you need lighting from above and below? 


Special uses like a home winery, electronics and paper records all have different requirements that can directly affect your build.  When you draw your plans take into account the need for structural strength if you are storing heavy objects.  The source and distance from heat may also play a role in how your room is laid out.  Will you need special arrangements for heating, cooling, mold and mildew in a certain area of the room?  All these factors will affect the wiring and plumbing plan for your basement storage room.


Remember to plan for ventilation systems, as well as phone, Internet and cable wires if it fits with how you are going to use the room.


When you have all these details, sit down with your contractor / Project Planning Partner and do up a detailed layout plan that takes into account all your needs from the point of view of how you are going to use the space.  After he/she has this information your Partner will do up the formal blueprints and get the necessary permits to complete the job.

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