28 Critical Questions To Ask A Contractor

The following questions are designed to make sure you hire a competent contractor/project planner.

ALL the questions need to be answered to your satisfaction. If the contractor is unwilling or unable to give you a positive answer to ALL of these questions you should think twice about having them do the job for you.



1. Is the contractor licensed to do construction work in the City of Calgary and Province of Alberta?

Blue Knight Developments Ltd. is licensed by City of Calgary BL 14904, in the Province of Alberta 213389.

2. Do they specialize in residential renovations (basement, kitchen, bathroom development, and home additions) or do they do "a little of everything"?

Blue Knight Developments Ltd. has specialized in residential renovations since 1996

3. Is the contractor Bonded? A Bond protects your deposits until the work is completed.

Blue Knight Developments Ltd. has a performance bond posted with the Province of Alberta to operate as a Prepaid Contractor.

4. Is the contractor insured for at least $2 million liability? This is important if something were to go wrong.

Blue Knight Developments Ltd. carries $2 million liability insurance. A insurance confirmation letter is available on request to all clients.

5. Does the contractor provide WCB coverage for all their workers?

If they don't and if a worker gets injured while working on your house, you could end up with a very costly lawsuit on your hands.
Blue Knight Developments Ltd. WCB #3769979

6. Is the contractor a member of Better Business Bureau?

Blue Knight Developments Ltd. has been a member of Calgary Better Business Bureau since 1996 and has an A+ rating.

7. Does the contractor understand drawings, zoning, building permits, related laws, construction time lines, organizing of proper sub trades?

Blue Knight Developments Ltd. has operated in Calgary since 1996 doing residential construction/renovations and is familiar with Calgary's Building and Planning Department. Over this time period we have also built firm relations with dependable subcontractor's that are available when required.

8. Have they been in business for at least 10 years?

Blue Knight Developments Ltd. has operated continuously in the City of Calgary since 1996.

9. Do they have their own crews or do they sub-contract all the work out?

At Blue Knight Developments Ltd. we have our own crews; these licensed journeymen perform the construction and finishing requirements. When a sub trade is required (such as an Electrician) we have, over the years, developed an excellent relationship with some of the best in their particular field. Most sub trades we use have been associated with us for at least 10 years or longer.

10. When the contractor uses sub-trades, are they under the supervision of a Journeyman?

Our supervisor is a licensed journeyman and has over 25 yrs. experience in residential renovation. He fully inspects any work done by an on-site subcontractor as well as work by our own crews. City inspectors also check all items that require Permits.

11. Does their supervisor have at least 25 years’ experience?

You have direct access to our supervisor during the duration of your project to get answers or quickly look after last minute changes to design or product changes. He is a license journeyman himself and has over 25 years of experience in residential construction and renovation.

12. Do the sub-trades they use have insurance with WCB?

This will protect you from lawsuits if a sub-trade worker is injured on the job. Blue Knight Developments Ltd. uses only sub trades (when required) that are fully qualified for residential construction and have WCB in good standing, and carry proper liability insurance.

13. Is the contractor liable to pay the sub-trades directly so they can't put a lien on your house?

Blue Knight Developments Ltd. as General Contractor, pay all labor, subcontractors and material suppliers and protects the client from any unjustified liens.

14. Do they specialize in residential construction and only use qualified residential trades people?

Construction in commercial, industrial and residential can be very different. We at Blue Knight Developments Ltd. employ the correct people for the job. The ones that are familiar with, and qualified to do your particular type of project.

15. Do they monitor and supervise sub trades to make sure the work is done properly and in the correct sequence?

Without a qualified overview of the complete project many problems can arise. Time lines can be destroyed, previous work can be damaged or worse still, need to be removed and redone. Control in this area depends on an experienced and qualified supervisor.

16. Do they have experience doing many jobs of this type?

Blue Knight Developments Ltd. has specialized in residential renovation since 1996.

17. Will they commit to a confirmed schedule for construction?

Blue Knight Developments Ltd. will, once special order materials are selected, will confirm a specific start date and completion date for your project.

18. Do they provide a Full Warranty on labor?

Blue Knight Developments Ltd. warrants that the work shall be free from defects in labor for 1 year. Product manufactures warranty items such as lights, plumbing fixtures, etc. We have been here since 1996. Some firms may offer warranty's that seem longer, but in fact many have been in business for a very short time, and may not be in business if you need them six months from now.

19. Will they provide a written contract so there is no question of what you want done and what they agree to do?

Blue Knight Developments Ltd. supplies a full written detailed agreement. This gives the client the opportunity to make sure the project is complete as requested.

20. How will changes to the project be controlled during construction?

All construction change after the initial agreement is approved, are to be in writing on a "Change Order" form and approved by both Blue Knight Developments Ltd. and the Client. These requested changes are to be priced, and approved before the work is done. We work very hard to be as flexible as possible during construction, but we keep the client informed throughout the process. No surprises on completion!

21. What happens if there were a problem during construction?

Blue Knight Developments Ltd. has not had a complaint from a client since start of business in 1996 that could not be resolved to our client's satisfaction. There have been no registered complaints concerning Blue Knight Developments Ltd. to the Better Business Bureau. As an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau they are available to Blue Knight Developments Ltd. and our clients to facilitate communication with an aim of resolving any unforeseen issues. Customer satisfactions, and your repeat business, are very important to us!

22. Will they provide references?

Blue Knight Developments Ltd., once and agreement has been approved, will supply references, on request by client, and allow the client 10 days to cancel agreement, if they have any concerns with no reason required.

23. Will the project be protected according to the Health And Safety Council?

"Health And Safety" is a definite priority on all Blue Knight Developments Ltd. projects.

24. Will everything be built to satisfy Alberta Building Codes?

Blue Knight Developments Ltd. will apply for all "Permits" and arrange all "Inspections" required by the City of Calgary to assure all construction codes are met. We do not build without required permits and inspections.

25. Will they simply meet the basic building practice standards?

Or, do they have a history of building to a standard higher than the basic requirements? Alberta Building Codes maintain a minimum standard of construction, and are very important. We make sure all codes are met, but there are many areas that improvements beyond code are desirable.
Finishing work that goes beyond the minimum builder's grade is also preferred!
We do not expect to have the very lowest price for every project we estimate. We do expect you to be proud of the finished product and happy with the value you received.

26. Will they keep the working environment clean and safe?

A clean work environment is a safer environment especially in a residential home. We police the construction area during construction and at the end of each day. Debris is removed from the construction site in a timely manner.

27. Will they put systems in place to keep the rest of the house as clean as possible?

Blue Knight Developments Ltd. will close off construction area from living area in the most practical way possible keeping the majority of the construction dust and debris in the construction area, not the living area.

28. Will they protect access to the home so unauthorized people can't get into your house?

Our supervisor controls access to job site and will keep you informed of crew schedules. We recommend that you allow Blue Knight Developments Ltd. to install a lock box at the job site, thereby obtaining better, more secure control on access without interfering with your schedule.


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